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    The bibliography Angerburg & Lötzen contains references to original sources, research reports, publications
    etc covering the fields of archeology, history, ethnography, cartography, culture, history, politics and genealogy.

    Bibliographies are always incomplete. This list has been compiled in an attempt to show "what is", and
    the inclusion of a publication should not be interpreted as a rating. Depending on the individual
    assessment criteria, therefore, the list must also contain irrelevant, inferior, outdated, and politically
    one-sided publications.

    In part, the content of the list is based on the bibliographic data in the relevant works about the
    districts of Angerburg and Lötzen.

    Bernd Sawatzki developed and maintains the on-line presentation and underlying database.

    Georg Malz takes care that the format of the entries meets German bibliographic standards.

    Jerzy Marek Łapo compiled the Polish entries about the former district of Angerburg
    [today Powiat Węgorzewo] that have been published after 1945.

    For all errors in this list Bernd Brozio accepts responsibility.

    Additional contributions to this list are most welcome and should be sent to info@lö